On May 4, an event was held with the American transnational corporation «Fortinet». The event was devoted to new and relevant solutions in the field of information security: firewalls, anti-virus software, intrusion prevention systems.

More than 40 customers from various sectors were invited to the seminar, including the public sector, the financial sector, international and commercial organizations.

The venue was chosen by Rumi Hotel. The event consisted of information and entertainment, networking with partners and with the manufacturer.

At the end, guests received the necessary information on the current solutions «Fortinet», as well as small gifts in the form of a souvenir branded products.

On May 18, «Pixel» LLC held the first event on the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan dedicated to the products of the leading global manufacturer of network and Wi-Fi equipment for business «Ruijie Networks».

As part of the distribution agreement between «Pixel» and «Ruijie Networks» LLC, it was decided to hold a significant event at Hyatt Regency Dushanbe, which was attended by more than 35 representatives of different companies, businesses and institutions of the country.

«Ruijie Networks» has demonstrated all its latest solutions for business in real time. A feature of this event was the placement of the main product line of the manufacturer, which could be reviewed and tested on site.

At the end of the main part of the presentation the entertainment part and raffle of products from «Ruijie Networks» was held for all participants.

We sincerely thank our dear partners for the joint conduct of these events, as well as thank all our customers for the support and visit of these events!