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Application development

Pixel LLC – specializes in creating software, efficient business solutions, desktop applications, and mobile development of different complexity with the outsourcing model of software development.

We design and develop applications for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, Java, and iOS platforms.

Stages for the development of automated systems:

Problem statement. At this stage, our specialists examine the existing system of the customer. This creates a list of processes that need to be automated. Interacting integration schemes and methods of interaction are identified. This list is converted into tasks, and the period and the cost of implementation are estimated.

Development of the Technical Task. At this stage, the list of tasks is documented in detail in the form of the Technical Task. This stage is one of the main ones, as, before developing an automated system, it is necessary to present the goals and the final result, which will significantly facilitate the next steps of implementation.

Design Approval (Usability). The appearance of the developed automated system is essential, as end users are much more comfortable working in a simple and understandable environment. At this stage, the design sketches, considering the brand book and requirements, are approved by the customer for further cutting and preparation for the software environment.

Writing program code. This stage begins to create a prototype of an automated system directly. All requirements from the technical assignment and interacting module algorithms are considered at this stage. Finally, a demo version of the software is created and demonstrated to the system customer.

Testing and troubleshooting. At this stage, the software complex is subjected to detailed testing by our specialists. After the preliminary testing is over, testing by the customer and eliminating missing moments begins.

Create a manual for users. The system manual is an essential point for an automated system. Creating documentation includes the critical task of communicating information in an accessible form. In addition, documentation should answer basic questions related to the use of the system as a whole.

Implementation and technical support. At this stage, implementation of the system on the customer’s platform and accurate testing are underway. If the completed tasks satisfy, the customer confirms his acceptance of the surrender documents. After providing professional support, our company takes responsibility for further technical support, guaranteeing the customer up-to-date software and hardware in operation