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Video Conferencing System

High definition video conferencing system (personal telepresence)

The Vidyo® system is aimed at subscribers who do not use any special terminal equipment. Any personal computers, laptops, tablet computers, mobile phones equipped with a Web camera and an audio system can be used as endpoints for personal video communications in the Vidyo® system.

The system has the ability to organize workplaces for collective video communication in meeting rooms, video studios, meeting rooms, etc. The system is optimized for operation via the public Internet.

The applied unique algorithm for working with video data allows you to obtain images of HD resolution.

The system supports interaction with endpoints and MCUs of traditional video conferencing systems (Tandberg, Polycom and others). Vidyo® Personal Telepresence is a high-definition personal telepresence system that delivers significant cost savings and advanced video communications capabilities.


  • Registration of connections and management of system subscribers.
  • Ensuring the interaction of terminal devices of personal and collective video communication.
  • Personal calls between registered subscribers of the system (video call, video call).
  • Implementation of multipoint communication sessions (videoconferences) between registered subscribers of the system.
  • Notification and invitation of guest subscribers to a multipoint communication (videoconference) session on demand.
  • Collaboration of subscribers with documents (application window (desktop), presentation, etc.) in parallel with the transmission of images from a video camera.
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Lync and Office Communicator client.
  • Deployment to provide video services.
  • The products are certified.