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In cellular base stations, air conditioners are still used for cooling. This means that an unreasonably large amount of energy is being used for air conditioning. Natural cooling system ensures maximum cooling while consuming low power consumption. The principle of the system is very simple. Instead of cooling the hot air, the system ensures that heat is transferred from the inside to the outside, and transfers the cold air from the outside with a fan to the inside. Thus, the work of the air conditioner will be reduced. In case of insufficient cooling, the FCS shuts down and then allows the air conditioning unit to start. Thus, the natural cooling system provides significant energy savings for customers.

Using free cooling offers potential energy savings of up to 90%. Thus, the investment costs for this solution – which depend on geographic location and climatic conditions – often pay off in 6 months to 1 year.

The Free Cooling system has been designed for indoor, air-conditioned rooms. It is a highly sensitive system for air pollution and provides significant energy savings.

Free cooling system transfers heat from the inside to the outside, and transfers cold air from the outside to the inside. Thus, the work of the air conditioner will be reduced.

Free cooling system significantly save electricity thanks to its fan, hardware and algorithm control.

Why is Free Cooling Necessary?

  • Electricity bills are one of the most important expenses for companies.
  • The system buys itself out within 6 to 12 months.
  • Companies reap the maximum energy savings by using free cooling technology. This allows energy savings of up to 90%.
  • In addition, it prevents gas emissions. Because this prevents the air conditioner from running for as long as possible.
  • The free cooling system provides users with the ability to control the station the way they want using an Ethernet connection.
  • The most important thing; it cools the base station as needed.

Work of free cooling system

Free Cooling is an economical method used to reduce energy consumption through cooling systems or the time that cooling units run by using the outside air temperature to cool the data center or other facilities. When the outdoor temperature is lower than the indoor temperature, the system uses the cold outdoor air as a source of free cooling. In this way, the system directly uses fresh air cooling by filtering (and regulating humidity) outside air.

In cold climates, the efficiency of the system can be better than the daily climatic conditions at the extreme value of the outdoor humidity.

Barantech PC software (GUI)

“FCSv4 Free Cooling Viewer v1.0” software, a Windows application that the user can easily control the FCS system from a PC with an interface using one of the USB, RS232 or Ethernet connections. Free Cooling Viewer has the ability;


  • remote coil timing is being chased and in graphical monitoring
  • display, change and reset of operating parameters Enable / disable the keyboard
  • restart FCS and air conditioning
  • FCS switch to bypass mode
  • erase data from memory
  • load data as Excel file. (fan and air conditioner running time, temperature..)

Hardware and Software Features

Various applications

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