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Create your video wall!

We offer a wide range of professional LCD panels of any level, from budget to premium, for creating a video wall for various purposes and configurations. The main component of a video wall is the video panel from which it is assembled. The technical characteristics and capabilities of the panel determine what kind of video wall you get. There are many panels on the market that you can buy for video walls, and sometimes very similar parameters, but very different in price. We will help you understand the nuances, and we will show you what compromises you can make when installing a video wall from panels, and what you need to pay special attention to.

Why do you need a video wall?

To achieve this goal in any industry, be it advertising, education, information, how you present this content to your audience is of great importance. If it is a large seamless colorful screen, the image is clear, bright, impressive with various effects, the ability to show any fragment in detail – this guarantees you success in any, even the most daring, undertaking.

If you are faced with the task of creating a 2×2, 3×3 video wall or other configuration in your office, business center, classroom, we can advise you, find an acceptable solution, taking into account your tasks and capabilities, advise fixtures, cables for connection, controllers for the flawless operation of the video wall …

Our experts will come to you for consultation, help you make the right choice of a panel for video walls, draw up a technical task, install and perform commissioning.

What kind of video walls are there?

The term “video wall” refers to a very large screen for displaying advertising or informational content. Manufacturers have not yet learned how to make a large video wall from a single monitor. And how to transport and install a video wall? The video wall is assembled from separate blocks. This is where the fundamental differences in video walls begin. The source can be low-resolution light-emitting diode (LED) panels or high-resolution LCD (plasma) panels. The first option is used for mounting video walls on the street or in the sales area, where the size and brightness of the image is more important than quality. Second, where clarity and image quality are important. For example, in information boards or when people are near a video wall, for example, in a shop floor or hotel lobby. We offer to buy a video wall made of professional high definition LCD panels.