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Data center

Data center design begins with a survey of the current enterprise infrastructure. At this stage, the equipment to be replaced or updated is determined, the business requirements for the IT infrastructure and the engineering infrastructure of the data center are identified.

Video Conferencing System

Video conferencing is an area of ​​information technology that simultaneously provides two-way transmission, processing, conversion and presentation of video information at a distance in real time using hardware and software computing technology. It is an evolution of the audio conferencing function that originally existed only in the telephony field.

IP Telephony

IP telephony is becoming the most popular type of service for both large companies and individuals. The advantages of negotiations over the Internet are obvious: high quality of communication, ease of use and, most importantly, low cost of both incoming and outgoing calls (the difference can be tens of times compared to analog telephony). IP telephony services combine voice and data on one network and offer cheap international and long distance calls, as well as a range of value-added communications services.

Server equipment

Servers are the backbone of the IT infrastructure of any modern enterprise. They are installed both in large data centers and in small enterprises with only a few dozen computers. In both cases, business continuity depends on the reliability of these «building blocks»

Information Security

Information security (IS) is a state of an information system in which it is least susceptible to interference and damage from third parties. Data security also means managing the risks associated with the disclosure of information or the impact on hardware and software protection modules.
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