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Network equipment

Pixel, as a partner of market leaders such as HP, Cisco, Ubiquiti, Linksys, Avaya, Juniper, D-link, TP-Link, Zyxel, and others, provides a wide range of devices for transmitting VDI (Voice Data Image) from the most straightforward network cards, to controllable switches and specialized modems and media servers.

We not only supply devices and solutions but also help to determine their choice and, if necessary, design the topology of your enterprise network, which will take into account all the requirements for data flows (load, speed, data medium: copper optics as well as equipment already available). Also, our specialists are ready to install and configure the supplied devices in your office.

Switches (switch) – network switch or button. (from Eng. switch – switch) – is a device designed to connect several computer network nodes within a single segment.

Optics (FiberChanel) Optical devices capable of transmitting data at speeds not available for twisted pairs and long distances. The whole list of optical equipment for working with VOLS is available for top-level devices, ethernet switches with optical applicators.

Wi-Fi Wireless Communication, The main task of wireless networks is to provide high-speed local access to services and data and exchange of information between users within a given territory.

The construction of Wi-Fi networks (IEEE 802.11) wireless data transmission is now widely in demand due to many advantages. Among the main benefits of this technology, the most attractive are the following:

  • low cost of equipment;
  • the flexibility of equipment application;
  • high data rate.

Due to the absence of wired connections, users of wireless Wi-Fi networks have freedom of movement and choice of jobs. In addition, this technology allows the most rational use of office space: company employees remain mobile, having access to all the necessary data and services.