Data center | IT company Pixel

Data center design begins with a survey of the current enterprise infrastructure. At this stage, the equipment to be replaced or updated is determined, the business requirements for the IT infrastructure and the engineering infrastructure of the data center are identified.

Taking into account the business requirements of the Customer, a concept of the solution is being prepared, stress testing is carried out on demo equipment and in vendor competence centers using the Customer’s software. Based on the test results, the best option is selected in accordance with the wishes of the Customer according to the criteria:

  • The reliability of the proposed solutions.
  • Ownership cost.
  • Delivery and implementation times.

According to the requirements of the Customer, the following are prepared: terms of reference, project documentation, working documentation.

Pixel LLC implements solutions based on hardware and software: IBM, HP, Cisco, Dell, Microsoft, Vmware and other manufacturers.

When building a data center, engineers implement a set of measures to protect corporate data:

  • protection of the external perimeter of the local network.
  • organization of virtual private networks (VPN).
  • use of virtual networks (VLAN).
  • building a public key infrastructure (PKI).
  • application of two-factor authentication.
  • antivirus protection.

Pixel LLC has significant experience in building data centers for industrial enterprises, banks and government agencies, has professional competencies and certified engineers for server systems, data storage systems, SAN, and telecommunications infrastructure of data centers.

We periodically improve the qualifications of our engineers.