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Licensed software

Licensed (genuine) software – software products developed and offered by manufacturing companies, used in accordance with the license requirements and having technical support from manufacturing companies or their partners.

Only licensed software provides users with a full set of functionalities, the ability to integrate software with a wide variety of hardware, other software products and services, ensures the safety of data and no risks when using a PC. The benefits of licensed software for users are reality.

Benefits for users

With licensed software, you can be sure that you will receive all the improvements and software updates that will ensure the most productive use of your computer. Unlike users of pirated software, users of licensed products get access to free new programs and lucrative offers from manufacturing companies and partners. And finally, only licensed software gives you confidence in the security of your data and the absence of legal risks.

The main advantages of using licensed software:

Service support – includes pre-sales consulting, technical support and timely software updates.

Reliability and safety is the quality of original products, reduction of technological, legal and business risks (which is especially important for organizations).

Belonging to a civilized community – using licensed software means compliance with legislation, compliance with standards and requirements for certification, respect for the work of developers and intellectual property rights, respect for the interests of partners and customers, and ultimately self-respect.

Differences from pirated software

Research confirms that a computer with pirated software installed is subject to significant risks, including:

  • system failures and the accompanying loss of data;
  • effective virus attacks;
  • unauthorized access to information on the user’s PC;
  • identity theft while working on the Internet.

In addition to those listed above, the following risks are extremely significant for organizations:

  • loss of business reputation and losses due to downtime caused by software failures, theft or loss of confidential information (for example, reports and customer bases);
  • legal prosecution for using pirated software.

Using licensed software products, you get:

  • the ability to use all the convenient and useful functions of the software, which may be deprived of users of pirated copies;
  • complete and timely updates and fixes that will protect your PC from viruses and ensure maximum software functionality throughout the life of your computer;
  • the ability to use popular download files from the manufacturer’s website;
  • information about companies’ products and lucrative offers from partners;
  • technical support from support service specialists or support from partners.