Pixel’s Birthday. We got 9!

LLC «Pixel» was founded in 2013. For 2022, our company is a team of professionals with specialized education and extensive experience in the market. We have closed more than 650 projects in the field of information technologies, provide a full range of IT services, build […]

Extreme Customers Day 2022

Pixel and Extreme Networks set up Extreme Customer Day 2022. As part of the event, the participants held a session on Extreme Networks and solving business problems in a period of difficult logistics and shortage and took an active part in the session question answers. […]

Dell Enterprise Day 2022

Dell Enterprise Day 2022 Pixel LLC via Dell Technologies provided an informational-entertainment event We would like to thank Dell Technologies for allowing us to organize this event! Thanks to our partners who supported us and, of course, to our customers who shared valuable time with […]

Partnership with Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks is a telecommunications company. It was founded in 1996 to promote advanced Ethernet technology solutions and the development of the Ethernet standard. Extreme Networks’ public patents are many of Ethernet’s standards for network scaling, quality assurance, and quick recovery. It is headquartered in […]

Partnership with Citrix Systems

We have become official partners of Citrix Systems. Citrix Systems is an American company that develops software solutions for virtualization, computer networking, and cloud computing, including the development of an open-source Xen hypervisor. Citrix is a digital workplace platform that gives employees everything they need […]

Ruijie Networks

We have become the official distributor of Ruijie Networks. Ruijie Networks is a network equipment provider for corporate and small/medium-sized business networks. The company provides comprehensive network solutions for telecom operators, financial services, government agencies, universities, and enterprises and has 20 years of experience as […]

Partnership with Mikrotik

We have become official partners of Mikrotik! Mikrotik was founded in 1996 in Latvia and specializes in the development of routers and wireless ISP systems. MikroTik also provides hardware and software to connect to the Internet in most parts of the world.

Pixel – job fair. We are meeting with graduates.

Pixel Company took part in the Job Fair to facilitate the employment of M.V. Lomonosov University graduates in Dushanbe. During the event, we acquainted the alums with the specifics of the organization’s work, recruitment, and current open vacancies and also dispelled all myths about the […]