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Electronic document circulation

Electronic document circulation (EDC) is a system of automated processes of electronic document processing, implementing the concept of «paperless business.»

The introduction of electronic workflow allows the enterprise to get the following advantages:

  • One-time registration of the document, allowing it to be correctly identified in the system;
  • Parallel execution of several operations, reducing the time of movement of the paper and increasing the efficiency of performance;
  • The continuous training of documents to identify the person responsible for its execution at any time in the process;
  • A single document base, avoiding duplication;
  • Efficient search of the paper with minimal information about it;
  • An effective reporting system monitors the report’s movement at each stage of the workflow.

The essential functions of an EDC can be as follows:

  • Creation of an electronic version of the document;
  • Design of attribute card of a paper; design of text from a finished template with substitution of values of variables from a document card in it;
  • Search for document cards;
  • Formation of an electronic document using a template on the organization’s letterhead;
  • Saving documents in different formats;
  • Create document routes and manage document traffic;
  • Maintenance of journals, classifiers, and reference books;
  • Registration and classification of documents registered in the program; sending of reminders and notifications;
  • Coordination of documents;
  • An epoch of reports on the movement and execution of documents.


Pixel’s natural cooling system

What is a natural cooling system?

In the base stations of the cellular operator, air conditioners are still used for cooling. It means that unjustifiably large amounts of energy are used for air conditioning. The natural cooling system provides maximum cooling with low power consumption. The operating principle of the system is straightforward. Instead of cooling hot air, the system ensures that heat is transported from inside to outside. It transports the cold air from the outside with the help of a fan inside. Thus the air conditioner work is reduced. In insufficient cooling, the FCS shuts down, allowing you to start the air conditioning unit. Thus, the natural cooling system provides significant energy savings for customers.

The use of natural cooling offers potential energy savings of up to 90%. Thus, the investment costs for this solution, which depend on geographical location and climatic conditions – often pay off within six months and up to 1 year.

The use of natural cooling offers potential energy savings of up to 90%. Thus, the investment costs for this solution, which depend on geographical location and climatic conditions – often pay off within six months and up to 1 year.

The natural cooling system was designed for indoor air-conditioned rooms. It is a susceptible air pollution system and provides significant energy savings.

The natural cooling system transfers heat from inside to outside. And it transports cold air from the outside to the inside. Thus the air conditioner work is reduced.

The natural cooling system saves electricity thanks to its fan, equipment, and algorithm control.

Why is natural cooling necessary?

  • Electricity bills are one of the most significant expenses of companies.
  • The system buys itself out within 6 to 12 months.
  • Companies achieve maximum energy savings when using natural cooling technology. It allows saving electricity up to 90%
  • In addition, it prevents gas emissions because it does not allow the air conditioner to work as long as possible.
  • The natural cooling system will enable users to control the station as they want with an Ethernet connection.
  • The most important thing; it cools the base station as much as necessary.

Natural Cooling System Operation

Natural cooling is an economical method used to reduce energy consumption by cooling systems or time that cooling devices perform by using the outdoor air temperature to cool the data center or other objects. The system uses cold outdoor air as a natural cooling source when the outside air temperature is lower relative to the indoor temperature.

Thus, the system directly uses fresh air cooling by filtering (and adjusting the humidity) the outdoor air.

In cold climates, the system’s efficiency can be better than daily climatic conditions at the outer humidity limit.

Software from Barantech for PC(GUI)

Software «FCSv4 Free Cooling Viewer v1.0», an application for Windows, allows users to easily control the FCS system from a PC with an interface via one of USB, RS232, or Ethernet interfaces. Free Cooling Viewer has the option;

  • The remote time of the coil is racing and in graphical monitoring,
  • The show, edit and reset the work parameters. Enable/turn off the keyboard, restart FCS and air conditioning
  • FCS switch to bypass mode
  • Erase data from memory
  • Download data as an Excel file. (fan and air conditioner operating time, temperature.)

Hardware and Software Features