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Monitoring system

We are glad to inform you that Pixel LLC has become an official partner of Stakhanovets LLC. Now you can purchase the entire range of Stakhanovets products from us, get advice from certified specialists and competent all-round technical support.

Stakhanovets: Full control – an effective system for monitoring personnel activity, time tracking, and powerful DLP (information leakage prevention).

  • Using the functionality of the complex, you can segment employees according to certain criteria, select the most productive group, determine patterns in their work and find differences from ineffective personnel. Then you can easily build a work model that allows you to achieve the highest labor productivity.
  • Control of presence in the workplace. Analysis of “useful” and “malicious” activity.
  • Print management: reducing printing costs, optimizing the use of equipment.
  • Identification of the author of a specific document, employees in a state of alcoholic intoxication.
  • Identification of the author of a specific document, employees in a state of alcoholic intoxication.
  • Comprehensive prevention of information leaks in the form of: letters, electronic and printed documents, voice conversations.

Stakhanovets: Full control is intended

  • For the manager: a powerful tool for monitoring and analyzing activity; increasing sales; analysis and improvement of business processes aimed at increasing the efficiency of personnel.
  • For the Security Service: information leakage prevention (DLP); protection of valuable business data; obstacle to the theft of office equipment and replacement of components with cheaper counterparts.
  • HR department: monitoring and analysis of employee loyalty; prevention of emergency at the enterprise; identifying employees about to quit.

Key capabilities of the DLP complex

  • Prevention of information leaks, interception of data displayed outside the PC perimeter.
  • Prevention of information leaks, interception of data displayed outside the PC perimeter.
  • Interception and analysis of mail messages.
  • Converting voice conversations into text files; reaction to “code phrases” during voice conversations with instant notification of the responsible person.
  • Control of suspicious activities, instant notification of suspicious or malicious activity; prohibition to perform various actions.

Deviation control, risk analysis

  • Forecast and analysis of risks associated with the work of employees.
  • Control of the presence and activity of employees in the workplace, tracking the time of work.


  • Monitor your desktop, programs and visited sites and the text you enter.
  • Video and audio monitoring of user actions using a webcam and microphone.
  • Monitor hardware and PC components to prevent theft. Software inventory.

Mobile control

  • Interception of conversations and SMS-messages.
  • Tracking the location of an employee (GPS) at a specific point in time; unloading maps with the employee’s route.

Stakhanovets: Full control is a powerful system that solves a wide range of tasks and significantly increases the efficiency of the enterprise, the level of information security, and also reduces the workload of the head of the control function “Stakhanovets” is a software development company designed for a comprehensive qualitative increase in business efficiency.

The Stakhanovets software package allows you to prevent information leaks, identify risks and detect factors affecting the productivity of personnel.

Data received from all input and output devices of a personal computer or mobile device are collected, classified, processed and analyzed by Stakhanovts. The information is stored in a convenient representation for third-party systems working with large amounts of data, such as B1, EEM.

The complex, using the principle of neural networks, allows predictively and deductively assessing the actions of employees, building models of their further behavior in the company: reducing interest in work, stealing data, dismissing, creating risky situations.


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