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Electronic document management

Electronic document management (EDM) is a system of automated processes for processing electronic documents, which implements the concept of “paperless office work”.

The introduction of electronic document management allows an enterprise to obtain the following advantages:

  • single registration of a document, which allows it to be accurately identified in the system;
  • parallel execution of several operations, which reduces the time of document movement and increases the efficiency of execution;
  • continuous movement of the document, which makes it possible to identify the person responsible for its execution at any time in the process;
  • a single base of documents, excluding the possibility of duplication;
  • effective search for a document if there is minimal information about it;
  • an effective reporting system that allows you to control the movement of the document at each stage of the workflow.

Basic EDM functions can be as follows:

  • creation of an electronic version of the document;
  • creating an attribute card of the document; formation of text from a ready-made template with substitution of variable values ​​from the document card;
  • search for document cards;
  • formation of an electronic document using a template on the company’s letterhead;
  • saving documents in various formats;
  • creation of document routes and control of its movement;
  • keeping journals, classifiers and reference books;
  • registration and classification of documents registered in the program; sending out reminders and notifications;
  • coordination of documents;
  • generation of reports on the movement and execution of documents.